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Wednesday so far

It was busy enough by my standards.  I made it to an appointment.  Mom and I took some things to Goodwill, mostly books but also a few other things I had found to donate when S. and I were organizing my room.  We went on the inevitable trip to the grocery store, and I got sushi.

Later: I did the first read-through on an editing job.  I edited the previous stories in the series.  This is the fifth.  I'm going to read the first four over again tomorrow for continuity.

Because this was hilarious, but not wrong:

"Dear [E],

Because you purchased a Harlequin Blaze, Harlequin Desire, Harlequin Spice and/or Megan Hart book on, we thought you might like to dip your toes in Erotic Romance. Delight your senses with our steamy tales today!

—The Team"

I got that in my e-mail.  They recommended several books, including some from Carina.  I have no idea what Harlequin Spice is, but I can guess.  I read many Desire books when they were Silhouette Desire, most probably before there were e-books, long before I'd heard of e-books.  I think what I got from Harlequin directly when they had sales were a few Harlequin Blaze e-books.  From what I gather, Carina is a more-or-less separate site.  I've gotten some Carina books from authors whose books I collect.  I'm pretty sure most of the Carina books I got were m/m.  I've read my share of Harlequins in my time, too, from most of the lines they had back ten or twenty years ago.

I am amused that they're recommending I read erotic romance.  I already do, of course.  I may check out some of the books they recommended.  I think I'm kind of jaded as far as what I read.
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