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busy day Wednesday

A.C. and I went to check out a place she had seen an advertisement about online.  It was a house with a bunch of basically abandoned outbuildings.  She could use the outbuildings for blacksmithing and candlemaking.  There were three bedrooms not being used in the house.  I said that I'd be interested in renting a room for September, October and November.  I have a lot of bills to pay in August and a car insurance bill in December.

I made it to an appointment after we saw that house and outbuildings, then we had a late lunch at the Chinese buffet restaurant.

We went to [large independent garden center] so A. could see if they were interested in buying her candles.  The buyer was on maternity leave, so A. left a note and a pair of candles.

We went back to my house and chilled during rush hour in the area, then went to [independent bookstore] to see if they had maps of the county.  They did not, though they had maps of other places and an atlas of southeastern Pennsylvania that was $40.  We went to the local Barnes & Noble, and they had county maps.  I got a city map of Philadelphia.  I suggested we go to the local Triple A tomorrow and get maps, too.  They may have maps of the county.

I saw that AE had an interview with Chris Colfer.  In my comment, I said that I was curious to see the movie that would be set in a 1930s mental asylum.  I was a history major, and I know something about what twentieth century thoughts on mental illness were, and how people diagnosed with mental illness were treated.  I said that I'd imagine a realistic movie would be pretty grim.

I went through my books, and gave A.C. the ones I had on Victorian fashion.  It's not like I could make the outfits, and I feel good giving them to someone who would appreciate them.  I found Garden Flowers in Color, from 1943.  I'm interested in what flowers were grown in gardens from ancient history on, so the forties are a relatively recent date for me.  It's still interesting to see what was popular in the first half of the twentieth century.
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