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friend visit

A.C. got to the house around 9:30 p.m.  She made good time.  We went out and she got a local newspaper so she could look at apartment listings.  She makes candles and soap, and brought a pair of beeswax candles and lavender and peach-melon soap for us.  She's going to check out a couple of apartments tomorrow and we'll go to [independent garden center].  [Independent garden center] has handicrafts for sale, too, so they might take her work.

We discussed talking to S.D. and seeing if S.D. wanted any help with her office cleaning jobs, and if she could refer A.C. to other house-cleaning jobs.  I said that maybe Thursday we could check out a couple of places that use historical interpreters.  We'll see how it goes.  There are a fair number of places in the Philadelphia area that have historical interpreters.
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