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I saw in various places around the sites I follow news about two actors who will be on Glee's season four.  There's a brief description of what their characters will be doing.  One will be interested in Rachel, and one will be Puck's younger half-brother.  The articles had pictures of both actors, but didn't specifically mark which was playing which character.  One actor has some resemblance to Mark Salling.  He definitely has an ethnic look.  In my uninformed opinion, he looked biracial.  Lauren had a line about thinking Puck was "mixed race."  Puck's ethnic look is explained by him being Ashkenazi Jewish.  There was an episode where he told Rachel that her nose was part of her heritage, so they use religion/ethnicity together on the show. 

I'm sure we'll find out pretty early on what the story is when the new character makes an appearance, because the show isn't shy about using the phrase "mixed race."  April used it, too.  A Puckerman half-brother will bring some diversity back in one way or another, with religion and ethnicity.

Fans have been clamoring for Blaine to be established as "hapa."  So far all that's been established is that his hair without gel is an afro.  I would love to see one of Blaine's parents being Asian, to establish Blaine's race.  It would probably make Will like Blaine less, but it's the other kids whose reactions I'd like to see.  Did Tina and Mike know, if it turns out that Blaine is half-white/half-Asian?  Mike called Tina a "self-hating Asian."  What would Tina's reaction be?  Blaine's been very careful not to pass for straight.  It hasn't been clear if he's been trying to pass for white.  It will be interesting to see what the McKinley students knew about his ethnicity and how they react. 
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