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Saturday so far

I got sleepy around 2:00 a.m. and probably fell asleep not that much after 2:00.  I woke around 10:30 a.m. and officially got up around 11:00.  Mom had called me from a car dealership yesterday, when she and Dad were looking at cars and she couldn't get her phone to work.  A minute or so after she finished her call, my phone rang once with a call from that number, but no one was on the line.  My phone rang a few times at 11:00 today with a call from that number, but no one answered.

After I did my morning routine, I went out to see the flowers.  I took pictures of the roses, some of which are getting eaten by Japanese beetles, the tiger lilies, the lantana and the sambac jasmine.  When I went out again a couple of hours later, I took pictures of the cardinal flower, too.  'Sharifa Asma' has a great scent.  It's pretty rapidly going up there as one of my favorite roses for fragrance, and I have damask roses.

I went to the Indian grocery and got chicken tikka masala, mango juice, a couple of garlic naan, and rasmalai.  I had the chicken tikka masala and one of the naan as a late lunch.

Earlier on, Mom had wanted to go to the AT&T store, since her phone still wasn't working.  I took the battery out of her phone and put it back in, and then the phone worked.  That was A.'s advice from a few months ago.  Part of his job is to repair cell phones.  He says that doing that has the effect of rebooting the phone.

A. said he'd call tonight, since we missed talking Wednesday.  I still want to hear his stories about the Green Bay Pride fest.  It sounded like he had a good time.  He was at one of the welcome booths, talking to people and handing out maps.  Some of the bands were good, he said.  He said that in AE feedback, but I want a more complete story of his day.  I have my phone in the same room with me.  If I leave the room, I'll try to remember to check to see if I have any messages.

Much later: A. called around 9:45 p.m., and we talked until about 11:45.  He told me about Green Bay Pride.  He has a group of friends and collectively they call themselves the Wolf Pack.  They call their get-togethers "Howlings."  They had one that Saturday night.  A. told me about that, too.  We talked about various other topics, including coming out and how things can be interpreted on the Internet.

I talked a bit about fandom.  A. remembered that I was a fan of Christian and Olli.  He remembered the characters' names.  I haven't watched Verbotene Liebe for a while, but watching the clips of the first couple of years of Christian and Olli's relationship gave me many hours of entertainment.  We talked about fans in other fandoms distinguishing between fantasy and reality -- or not.  Scary stuff.

I can't remember if A. and I have had two-hour conversations before.  An hour and a half, many times.  I guess we had a lot to catch up on and many stories to tell. 
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