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bookstore, then grocery adventure

The cashier at the bookstore was asking why several sex books got mixed into the religion books backstock.  The Story of O was there, and I was like, "No, no, take it out of the religion box!"  It was just kind of a weird day there at the bookstore.  A donation I was happy to see was a rather battered copy of One Teenager in Ten.  I took it with me rather than put it into the book recycling box, since it wasn't really in good enough shape to put out on the shelves, but I may bring it in to the GLBT office at [local university] tomorrow.  I checked -- that and Two Teenagers in Twenty are at the [local university] library.  I donated a number of GLBT non-fiction books to [university where I worked as an acquisitions assistant].  The other acquisitions assistant seemed to think it was a little strange that I had all those books by and about gay men and trans and genderqueer folks, but the librarian in charge of acquiring books for that section was happy to get them.

I decided to go off adventuring to the ethnic grocery stores.  At the Asian grocery, I looked at the salt-and-pepper flavored little cookie/cakes, and decided I'd try them another day.  I got the ones with sesame seed and other seeds instead.  But I did try the "green bean jelly ice milk" popsicles.  Now, they're...interesting.  They actually do taste kind of like green beans.  I like green tea ice cream, but I think these were a little freezer-burned, plus I'm not sure what was up with the "jelly ice milk" part of it.  Next time I'll try the red bean version, or the coconut, perhaps.  And I got a container of mango coconut jelly packets.  I'm not sure what to do with them except eat them plain, but they're tasty.

Then it was off to the Indian grocery, where I got gulab jamun, jalebi, rasgulla, a frozen tamarind rice dinner, and a naan.  I would have gotten chicken tikka masala or saag paneer, or one of the other hot meal dishes they have, but Mom was home with an upset stomach today, and I'm already banned from bringing home anything that has a strong fragrance of cilantro, curry, or fenugreek.  She and Dad are all about being as bland as possible.  She doesn't mind it if I get exotic fruit, so I bring home kiwanos (horned melons), blood oranges, litchi, kumquats, and other fruit depending on what comes in at the local chain grocery stores.

Then I stopped at the Barnes & Noble.  I got a couple of Samhain books from the romance section, ones that I'd looked at on the Samhain website already.  They had a few more Ellora's Cave books there, and some from print publishers' erotic romance lines.  I guess there's a demand, but I'm still surprised to see them out in the suburbs.

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