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Wednesday so far

I went to bed shortly after the Jimmy Fallon show.  I believe that was the last show Chris Colfer appeared on on Tuesday.  Well, it was technically Wednesday by then.  He was on a segment on the last bit of the show, telling a story about a stingray he threw back into the ocean (why?) and talking about his cat.  Perhaps this is bad of me, but I pictured him faced with a beach of horseshoe crabs, and wondered if he'd try to rescue them.  At least they don't sting.

I woke about quarter after ten.  I was headachy and not moving too fast, but I made myself a cup of coffee in hopes that that would wake me up more.  I suppose it worked well enough.  I made the usual trip to the grocery store and I picked up fried chicken for dinner.

I went out to the yard and took pictures of the tiger lilies.  'Mme. Isaac Pereire' had a flower, but it was filled with Japanese beetles.  I'll talk to Dad about getting a grub treatment for the lawn this fall, and maybe in the spring.  Perhaps that would help.  I took pictures of the sambac jasmine and the lantana, too.  The lantana is in full bloom.  It's doing well in hot, dry conditions.  I believe it's like that wherever it comes from, or at least in lots of places where it's naturalized.  I'm still very happy about the jasmine blooming.

When I got back into the house, I went online.  Rantasmo's video on AE was about Glee.  Like me and others, he counted up how many queer characters appeared on it and got ten.  He showed various people's reactions to this, and the famous-in-its-own-right Klaine kiss reaction with the cheering and jumping up and down.  Rantasmo made it clear what side he was on in the culture wars.  He showed some ranting from the other side.  It turns out Rantasmo is a big Unique fan.  I like the character, and enjoyed her songs.  It looks like Rantasmo and I are on the same side of the culture wars when it comes to LGBT* issues.

I'll probably work on editing this week's novella today.  I got a lot done on it yesterday, and I really just want to read it over another time or two before I send it back.  It's a m/m and I enjoyed it a lot.  I would read through an editing job more than once anyway, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything as I got caught up in the story.

Aside from that, I think I'll just read and watch videos, and try to stay cool.  It's very warm out today.

Later: I got a good bit of laundry done.

I read something RM (Racheline Maltese) recommended.  I watched "Heart" and "On My Way."  Blaine really wasn't in too good a mental state in "On My Way" and for the second half of the season.  Perhaps I should say emotional state.  I wonder how his emotional state will be in season four.  If Kurt does go to New York, I don't think Blaine's emotional state will be too good.  I've had it in my head for a while that somewhere along the line Blaine will get drunk and cheat on Kurt.  It just seems likely to me.  I can only imagine the teenaged girl anguish if that happened.  I wouldn't be happy, but it would make for decent drama, so I'm pretty sure I could deal.  In most of the other relationships on the show, the characters have cheated on each other.  Maybe Blaine and Kurt's relationship will become more like a soap opera one, like other characters' are, and less like a romance novel.

I didn't really mind Rachel singing at Regionals in the third season.  I think part of it was that other members of New Directions got to sing, too.  Towards the end of the season, it had been so much all about Rachel that I was getting extremely tired of it.  In previous seasons, when Rachel acted annoying, the other characters would point it out and oppose her.  In the third season, most of them supported her every time she was annoying, with a few welcome exceptions here and there.  By the end of the season, characters were going well out of their way to support her in her ambitions.

There's getting to be a fair amount of talk from the powers-that-be of Glee and from some of the actors about what's going to happen in the fourth season.  Most of the bloggers I follow are saying to take it all with a grain of salt.  Things change along the line during the seasons.

Much later: I saw Watch What Happens Live.  It was pretty entertaining.
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