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Previous to watching the Glee Project: The Glee Project is on tonight. I think the guest mentor is Grant Gustin, who played Sebastian. I wonder how the contestants will react. I hope that at least one of the guest mentors who plays a gay character -- I think there will be three -- reminds the contestants of how very high the odds are that they'll play a GLBT* character if they win a role. I'm sure the odds are higher than on any other network show. They had Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, as a mentor, too. That makes four. From what I understand, it wasn't planned that Santana would eventually come out as a lesbian.

After watching the Glee Project: As the promos for the Glee Project had indicated, Grant Gustin was the guest mentor.  The actor seemed far nicer than the character.  Well, that's so for Jane Lynch, too, from everything I hear.  The contestants were excited to see Grant.  Ali won the homework assignment, so she got the one-on-one mentoring session with Grant.  Ali has consistently done well.

The contestants played various pop and rock stars in the Theatricality assignment.  The one who played Boy George -- Blake, I think his name is? -- said he had a gay brother.  I hope his brother was already out.  Blake(?) seemed to take playing Boy George in stride.  He said something about knowing he didn't have to play a gay guy as a stereotype, or words to that effect.

Abraham's assignment was to play David Bowie.  Abraham was really thrown when Nikki asked him if he himself was androgynous.  Abraham later said to the camera that he'd gotten bullied a lot for being androgynous.  If he won, it seems likely he'd play an androgynous character.  The writers use what they have from the Glee Project.  I didn't watch season one, but from what I understand, they used Samuel's Christianity and Alex wearing drag.  They certainly used Damian's accent, as I recently rambled in a post about Rory getting mocked for not speaking in American Standard English.

I think that one way or another the guys were sufficiently reminded that they could be playing gay, bi, or genderqueer characters if they won.

Abraham was in the bottom three, mostly, it seemed, for him getting so thrown by the androgyny question and letting it affect his singing.  Nellie was in the bottom three for again lacking confidence.  Lily was in the bottom three for not playing a character, but just herself.  Lily raged to the powers-that-be.  She fights with them.  It was Nellie who went home, though.
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