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Wednesday so far

I stayed up until 4:00 a.m.  S.M. called at 9:00 a.m. about the garden club meeting, but I went back to sleep.  I woke in time to make it to an appointment.  S.M. called a bit before 5:00 p.m.  She said the program coordinator couldn't do that, so J.D., who'd been secretary-elect, was going to coordinate programs and M.C. was going to be the secretary.  I will do the handbook, as I have for the last couple of years.  My job hasn't changed.

'Mme. Isaac Pereire' still has a couple of flowers, but they're being eaten by Japanese beetles.

I have editing to do, but I should be able to get a lot done this evening.

I had a conversation today about how one of the books I've been working on was changed because I'd said there were parts that were racist.  The author believed me enough to ask an African-American woman to look at those parts, and she told him what parts weren't acceptable coming from a white author.  I was glad he got a second opinion, and one more informed than mine.  She went farther than I would have with the author about what wasn't acceptable, so more was changed than would have been if it was just me.  I feel a lot better about how the book is now.

I trusted myself to judge to a certain extent what would come across as racist.  I didn't get all of it, but I had a decent idea.  On one level, it gives me more confidence about pointing things out.  On another level, it certainly confirms what I thought about it being better to defer to someone with direct experience.

Later: I got a good bit of editing done.

I gave P. a call.  We caught up.  She'll get back to me on Friday about doing something on Saturday.  P. usually can think of interesting things to do in the area.

There's a video of Sylvia Rivera going around on some of the blogs I've been following.  It was when she spoke at the Christopher Street Liberation Day in 1973.  I think that was a precursor to New York City's GLBT Pride weekend.  Sylvia was speaking of trans* women in jail, presumably men's jails, and of being assaulted.  She spoke of STAR House, which tried to provide a home for homeless trans* youth.  Sylvia ran away from home at age eleven.  Some of the bloggers were saying that the same things were still going on with homelessness, jail and assault, particularly for trans* women of color.  From what I know, that's quite accurate.  Martin Duberman's book Stonewall tells some of Sylvia's story.

Later still: I talked to A. for a couple of hours.  The Green Bay Pride event is this weekend, and he's volunteering to help with that.  The conversation went all over the place, with talk of weather and politics and what's going on in our lives.  He promised to tell me how the event went.
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