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There's an ask and reply about Blaine and Unique on "big life, small space."  I wonder what would happen if Unique came to McKinley.  Nothing good for Unique, one would presume.  I don't remember the exact wording, but Unique was having problems at home and at school because she's trans*, and talked about transferring.  Glee viewers saw Kurt getting bullied for the first two years of his three on-screen years at McKinley.  Kurt was perceived as feminine for a number of reasons: his being gay, some of the clothes he wore and his voice being three of the reasons.  It was established that Kurt identifies as male, though he felt safer being with the girls, who were his friends and allies.  Along with the bullying and taunting Kurt got for being gay, he also got some bullying for the particular ways he queered gender and for being effeminate.

Puck wore a dress in "Props."  Puck had said much earlier on that he could wear a dress to school and get away with it, either because he was a badass or a stud.  He did not "get away with it," but got beaten up by hockey players.  Like with how Kurt was treated, this is pretty indicative of how a trans* character would be treated.  There's still no tolerance for cross-dressing at McKinley, as there wouldn't be in many American high schools.

Presumably Blaine would be a relatively well-informed ally to Unique.  Blaine is just one person, though, and he's 5'8" tall according to the Glee wiki.  The Glee wiki may be being generous there.  It's not like Blaine could do much about bullying from jocks.  Sam, Tina and Artie could be allies as well.  I think things would be very bad for Unique at McKinley, though.
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