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Sunday so far

I went to bed around three a.m. and woke right at noon, so I suppose that's better than I was doing.

I watched "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" and "Never Been Kissed."  "Never Been Kissed" introduces Blaine, and the rest is history.

In "Never Been Kissed," Karofsky calls Kurt and Blaine "ladyboys."  Blaine keeps his cool.  The first episode Blaine appears in, he gets taunted, and he's already told Kurt that he was taunted at the school he was in before Dalton.  Blaine is aware that Karofsky is at the very least confused, and actually has some sympathy about that.  Karofsky is deep in his self-hating place.  Immediately after the confrontation, Blaine says, "He's not coming out anytime soon."

Kurt gets called by all kinds of slurs.  In "Wheels," he says to his father that being called "fag" is "no big deal," that he "gets that all the time."  The whole school calls him a queen, and at least part of the reason he's upset is that he thought things had gotten better by near the end of two years.  Well, presumably he got it as a freshman also, so probably three years.  Things were better by his senior year.  Other characters still got bullied, so the bullying culture hadn't changed altogether.

Back in real life, I did some editing.  I finished up a read-through of a novel.

Later: I went outside for a little bit.  It wasn't bad at five-thirty p.m.  "Maggie" is blooming.  'Mme. Isaac Pereire' has buds showing color, though some of the leaves have been eaten by caterpillars.  Those were two of the roses I deadheaded.  I think they're both Bourbon roses.  "Maggie" is a found rose presumed to be a Bourbon rose, I believe.  The tiger lilies are in bud.
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