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I ran a couple of errands, including going to the grocery store.  I got lots of salad from the salad bar.  It was very hot out, but I was okay.  I don't think it was all that humid.

Later: I watched the "Wheels" episode of Glee.  There's a plot about Artie, Quinn's pregnancy, and a plot about Kurt.  Will gives the song "Defying Gravity" to Rachel to sing at Sectionals.  Of course they sing different songs at Sectionals, but in this episode the students expect that they'll be singing that.  Kurt says he can sing it, and tells Burt about it.  Burt goes to the school and says that they have no right to discriminate against his son for a variety of reasons, including "the fact that he's queer as a three-dollar bill."

Burt gets an anonymous "Your son's a fag" call.  Kurt throws the Diva-Off he has against Rachel for the song because he loves his father more than he loves being a star.  Kurt never gets more than a few lines in a competition song, and Rachel gets most of the solos, but Kurt continues to have a loving father-son relationship with Burt.

In "Wheels," Kurt talks about "getting out of this cow town."  By the end of season two, he's decided he wants to go to New York City.  Much of season three is about that, up until Kurt gets rejected from NYADA, a fictional performing arts school in New York.  The powers-that-be of Glee are now reassuring fans that Kurt gets to New York City somehow.  There are parts of New York City that are far more tolerant than small-town Ohio, but New York City would have its own challenges.

Through the seasons so far, Kurt grows from a dependent child to an adult.  Not to say he doesn't have some damage, but by midway through season three he had shown that he was quite capable of functioning on his own and taking care of other people.  After Burt had his heart attack early in season two, Kurt took care of Burt, so Kurt really grew up fast in some ways.

Kurt is aware that he has to work hard for things other people have given to them, and even then he might not get them.  Though the show is very clearly fiction and characters say all kinds of things that aren't true, there's capital T Truth in some of the messages.  Kurt wants to have good relationships and wants career success, and maybe he'll be able to balance that.  He has more maturity than some of the other graduates.  But Kurt being ambitious yet working at having loving relationships with people has been consistent for him.
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