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Monday so far

Today has been pretty quiet for me.  I paid bills.  I've read a few fics, and I'll do some editing tonight.

Later: I did a good bit of editing.

I read one of Biyuti's posts from yesterday about whites making the judgment of who passes for white.  It made me think about how I assume things.  However, if I'm corrected about race by someone who knows more than I do, who is dealing with racism in a way that I'm not forced to, I don't think of myself as trying to argue.  Biyuti had some more thoughts on light-skin privilege, too.  I was aware of the existence of that well before I started to read Biyuti's posts, but I am very interested in what they have to say.

Race relations in the U.S. have come a long way from where they were in living memory, let alone where they were for centuries.  There's still so much institutionalized racism, and what people would have said in overt racism a few decades ago has gone more underground.  The covert racism affects so much in society.  Not that there isn't still plenty of overt racism.

I will probably sound horribly self-congratulatory, but I've made strong efforts in the last couple of decades to educate myself and listen when I've been educated by others, and to try not to say ignorant things.  I'm sure people will judge for themselves whether I'm being relatively successful that way or not.  I know that stepping into the conversation will make it all the more obvious that I'm still sadly ignorant in some ways, but I don't think keeping silent about the racism I know about is all that helpful either.  I'd rather be less ignorant and more able to be a better ally.
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