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Mom and I went swimming.  I was careful to avoid the holes in the lawn this time, as stepping in a hole there was how I'd broken my ankle a couple of years ago.  The pool was nice.  It was about 80 degrees, so it was comfortable once you got in.  A.B. showed up.  In between swims, I started reading Explosive Eighteen.

I continued to get and send feedback on AE.  I sent a couple of rambling private messages to Larkin about the Hot 100 guys.  One was about couples on Verbotene Liebe, which I only made a PM because it got long.

Gunners replied to my latest feedback note to him: "As for being a tumblr fan girl what gave me away? Was it my profile page filled with Justin Beiber hotness or my age? I knew I should have put 16 and not 12. Sigh-now everyone will know:-)"  His real name is a male name, and I have the feeling that he's older than sixteen, though he's still in school.  What he actually has on his profile is a picture of Chris Colfer, which is indicative enough.

Gunners isn't the only gay boy I know on AE who has a celebrity crush on CC.  It's not just girls.  I know this somewhat reflects where I hang out online, but it's real enough that there are boys who have crushes on him too.

I did quite the rundown for Larkin about Verbotene Liebe.  I told her that the first male couple I knew of on the show was Ulli and Tom, in 1999/2000.  Ulli had been dating a girl, but then found out that Tom had a crush on him, and fell in love with Tom.  Andreas Stenschke, who played Ulli, was a "teenage heartthrob."  There were a lot of girls who had crushes on him, and quite possibly some boys.  Andreas was twenty-one when he started playing Ulli, and was twenty-three when Ulli got together with Tom.  I'm not sure how old Ulli was supposed to be, but he was working in a restaurant, and I think he was out of school.  Tom was a medical student.  Tom was gay all along.  Tom told Ulli that he was gay ("Ich bin schwul.") while Ulli and Tom were stripped down to their boxers and in a sleeping bag together.  They had pushed each other into a lake, so there was some reason for them being in that situation.  Ulli panicked just a bit.  Several months later, things had changed.

From what I understand, there was some backlash from the general public about that storyline.  Tom and Ulli had a pretty detailed consummation.  It wasn't as explicit as Alles was zaehlt got, but there was quite a bit of making out, and then afterglow conversation.  There was absolutely no doubt they'd had sex.  After some months, Ulli moved to another town (the actor left).

That wasn't the end of romantic relationships for Tom.  In the beginning of 2001, at a New Year's Eve party, a young man named Olli Sabel kissed Tom.  Olli had had a couple of brief relationships with women on the show, but explained to Tom that he was bisexual.  Tom asked why Olli hadn't mentioned that previously in their friendship.  Olli said that Tom didn't run around with a sign saying "Achtung!  Schwul!"  (Roughly, "Look out, I'm gay!")  Things went from there.

Olli was a college student at the time he and Tom got together.  I'm pretty sure he didn't graduate, though.  Olli left town at some point, and Tom did the same -- those episodes don't have subtitles.  Olli returned a few years later, and met Christian Mann.  Christian had dated a young woman named Nico, and at the time he met Olli, he was dating Coco.  Gradually a love triangle ensued.  Coco left for India.  Christian was confused for a while, and then Chrolli happened.  Those episode clips do have subtitles.

Jo Weil would have been probably twenty-two or twenty-three when he first started playing Olli.  Thore Schölermann was most likely twenty-one or twenty-two when he started playing Christian.  Thore didn't look like a teenager.  He looked like he was in his twenties.  Christian and Olli's romance was very popular.  I told Larkin she should watch those Verbotene Liebe romances when she had time. 
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