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I didn't sleep well, but I made it to an early afternoon appointment.  I went to the Indian grocery.  I got alu gobi, chicken tikka masala, mango juice, a couple of naan, and gulab jamun.  I had some of the alu gobi when I got home, and cooked basmati rice.  I had the chicken tikka masala with some of the basmati rice.

I heard back from the couple of people I sent private messages to about the AE Hot 100.  Thus far I've avoided the haters while communicating with the people I wanted to talk with.  We'll see how long that keeps up.  I feel better about it all, though.  I'll talk to A. about it, and probably Gunners at some point.  They were the ones who encouraged me to vote in the Hot 100 poll when I was leaning against doing so.  It's certainly not a secret there that I'm a Glee fan, and Gunners said, "Chris needs every vote he can get," or words to that effect.  Gunners knew who I'd be voting for if I voted.

The commenter I quoted yesterday said, "It always amazes me how many people, particularly at AfterElton, want to deny Darren Criss is a person of color.  I have read many folks, particularly gay guys, who say they do not find Asian men attractive, so it is particularly satisfying to see an Asian man win this particular poll."  I said I'd heard the same thing about attractiveness or not, and that I could understand why it would be satisfying that way.  Whatever the sexist comments on the list, and there were a lot of sexist comments, there had to be a mix of voters for that result.  I can't believe it was just women.  There's still a refreshing lack of racist comments.  (Not that I've noticed racist comments there generally, but refreshing in comparison to the sexist comments.)

Later: S. called around 9:00 p.m., and I thought it would be A. calling.  I want to get my room more organized and wanted S. to help on this.  So far he's switched the day from Friday to Saturday and now to Sunday.  I am not holding my breath that he'll actually show to help me with that project.

A. called about twenty minutes later, and we talked for about an hour and fifteen minutes.  He caught me up on his Saturday clubbing adventures and we chatted about other various things.  He said he'd read the first page or so of the Hot 100 comments.  A. agreed that many of them were sexist.  "They're a bunch of bitter old...guys," I said.

"Bitter old queens," A. said.

"I didn't say it," I said.

Gunners said to Larkin that the new insult on AE was to call someone a "Tumblr fangirl."  I said, "Oh, Gunners, we know that you're really a Tumblr fangirl."  I think it's going to be a thing that Gunners and I go back and forth with.  I plan to accuse Uly of being a Tumblr fangirl, too.  He probably won't know what Tumblr is, so it won't be as funny with him.  Still, it will have entertainment value for me.  At some point I want to start a serious forum discussion about sexism, but I doubt that that could be kept civil for five minutes.  I'll make sure it's some time when the moderators have a lot of free time.
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