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I've been thinking about this for a while

These are things I see in various works of fiction and want to edit. "Whoa" is spelled like that, not with the vowels inside the consonants. I wish I could trace back to who started that, but it's common. "He (or she) licked him from base to tip" is a cliché. "Weeping cock" sounds like it's crying or there is a medical issue. "Whining" and "mewling" are not good sex noises. "Mewling" sounds like a cat, and "whining" is complaining or a puppy noise. "Clean sweat" is getting to be a cliché, and what does that even mean? I think I know who started that one.

I can't believe I'm blanking out when I know there are so many more. I'll add to this as I think of them. Here's an m/m one. I've done many pages of rants about "Gay for You" in original fiction. I go with it when it's Jet Mykles, because her characters are often at least intensely curious. Otherwise I'm usually not a fan. In my opinion, it's much better in fan fiction if the characters are at least internally intensely bi-curious. I tend to like it more if they're bisexual to start with, if that can possibly be managed. Perhaps they were previously just very quiet about having a "yen for men."

Oh, and for werewolf stories, the characters howling at climax is a huge cliché. Trust me.

I'm only naming names in this if it's being a fan on my part.  I don't even remember most of who's done the clichés, and so many people have done it if it's a cliché that that's the point.

I came up with a recommendation.  Josh Lanyon's Man, Oh Man! Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h is a great book for writers.
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