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Saturday so far

I got tired by 11:30 p.m. last night and went to bed not long after midnight.  I was awake for a little while, but dropped off relatively soon, I think.  I woke at 8:30 a.m.  By 10-something I was at the church yard sale.  I got a yellow lantana and a quilted clutch purse.  The cobalt blue vases I had seen on Thursday were gone, which was probably just as well.  The paperback book table looked pretty picked over.  I'd looked at that Thursday, too.  The lady working the book room (usually the undercroft) said that they hadn't had many romances donated for the sale.  I said I could have donated some.  "I'll donate some next year," I told her.

I parked in the street when I got home, figuring that I'd be going out again.  Sure enough, Mom and I made the inevitable trip to the grocery store.  I saw M.H. there, who was a lady I'd made friends with shortly after I'd graduated college.  I met her when we were taking Hebrew lessons.  We'd lost touch.  I gave her my cell phone number.  I got a mix of things I wanted and things I needed at the grocery store.  Among the things I'd wanted were cream and red velvet whoopie pies.

Later: I made another trip out because I'd gotten a promo for cheap gasoline.  I probably saved ten or fifteen dollars.  We went to a drugstore, but the big sale on tissues wasn't that good a sale, apparently.

I went outside again when we got home.  'Maiden's Blush', 'Konigen von Danemark', 'Ispahan' and Rosa Mundi still have a few flowers, as does the mystery pink rose.
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