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Thursday so far

So far it's been pretty quiet.  I went to bed at two-ish last night and woke around 10:30 a.m.  I went out to the roses.  'Konigen von Danemark' still has a few blooms, and so does 'Ispahan'.  'Maiden's Blush' and Rosa Mundi still have some flowers.  The mystery pink rose, which repeats anyway, is still blooming.

I started reading the Irregulars anthology last night.  The subject matter it started with seemed too gory for right before bed.  I'll pick up with it again.

Dad's talking about going to church to drop things off for the church yard sale, which is Saturday.  I really should go with, on the principle of getting out of the house.

I made myself jasmine rice for lunch.  I didn't have any sauce for it, but it's good with butter and salt.

I've been reading the "big life, small space" Tumblr, as I often do.  So much good stuff, and the writing is fantastic.

Larkin is recommending fan fiction for me.  I read a few of the "wowbright" stories she recommended, and enjoyed them.

Later: We went to the church and donated some books.  Then we went to a farmers' market.  We got turkey pie, and I got a lemon bar.  We had the turkey pie for dinner, around 6:00 p.m., and I got really sleepy by 7:00.  I lay down and slept until 10:00.  I was doing relatively well with sleeping at normal times, but I guess the enzymes or whatever in the turkey helped make me so sleepy.

I got tired again around 11:00 p.m., and lay down, but I was lying there awake for quite some time.  I wasn't in distress, just awake.  Eventually I must have gone to sleep, or at least dozed.
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