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For some reason I was feeling sensitive today, and it bummed me out that a fictional character was killed off in a book I was reading.  I went into watching the Glee Project expecting to feel emotionally manipulated, and actually felt much less so than I thought I would.  I realized it was there as a part of the show, but I still got caught up in the progression of events.

(*spoilers*)  Taryn decided to go home.  Dani was the one who wasn't called back.

I hadn't realized that Tyler's body was changing so much from the testosterone, not just his voice.  I knew testosterone made it easier to get muscle.  He has a lot of personality and seems to make a real effort.  I think those things are helping him.

There's much talk about how there will only be one winner of the show.  I'm finding it difficult to believe that only one of the performers will make an appearance on Glee itself.  It might not be for seven episodes, but my wild guess is that some of the others might show up.
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