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Monday so far

Sunday night: I watched the first episode of the Glee Project season two again.  I was very tired by midnight, and I think I went to bed by 1:00 a.m.  I woke before 10:00 a.m.  I had e-mailed S.M. about going to Trader Joe's, which she'd suggested but that I'd talked about before.  There's one I know how to get to that's in northern Delaware.  There are two I am aware of in southeastern Pennsylvania, but don't know how to get to.  S.M. is going to take me to the one that's nearer King of Prussia.

Monday: Dad was talking about doing the container garden after he mowed the lawn some.  I found seeds -- four o' clocks, cornflowers, nasturtiums and portulaca.  I still have some freesia bulbs.  The Dutch iris finally got planted.  I wanted to go to Home Depot with Dad.  Perhaps I'll have S.M. stop there on the way back from Trader Joe's, as there's one close to where she lives.

There's a flower of 'General Jacqueminot' open, and I took a picture of that.

Later: I got to S.M.'s house around 1:00 p.m., and we headed off to the Trader Joe's.  From where she lives, we went slightly north(?) towards King of Prussia.  The strip mall the Trader Joe's is in is a few exits on the highway before King of Prussia.  The problem is that when you take the exit nearest to that strip mall, you can't make a left, so we had to turn around.

Once we got there, I looked all around.  It had been a while since I'd been to a Trader Joe's.  The one I actually know how to get to is north of Wilmington, Delaware, also in a strip mall, but north of the Concord Mall, so just over the state line.  I thought about getting a peach-colored miniature rose, but held off.  I ended up getting blood orange soda, fresh apricots, and various kinds of dried fruit.

S.M. also wanted to stop to water her sister's plants.  P.M. and her husband are in Europe for three weeks on a garden tour.  I hadn't taken my camera, but took some pictures of P.M.'s garden with my phone camera.  We watered the plants, then went back to S.M.'s house.

S.M. had said she wanted me to help her with computer things, but when we got to the house, she wanted me to help her with her phone.  "Do you have the directions?" I asked.  She did.  I don't think I showed that I was peeved.  It's bad enough when I'm trying to figure out technological/mechanical things for myself.  She broke my concentration several times, though it was nice that in the one case she was offering me a (non-alcoholic) drink.  S.M. took the phone from me and had me take a sip of the drink.  I had had the phone in one hand and the directions in the other.  I managed to do about four of the things she wanted out of six or seven.  I later said that I was "surprised" that she asked me to work on the phone, as she'd said that she wanted me to help her do things on the computer.

As for the computer, which we got to, S.M. wanted to have a group e-mail list for garden club members.  I figured out how to do that in Thunderbird.  She said she wanted to have the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all of the garden club members in one place.  S.M. probably meant in her e-mail, but I had the 2011 garden club members list on a USB drive that I had in my purse.  I copied that into her documents, updated it to add new members, and copied it back to the USB drive.  No reason to waste all that typing.  So now she has a 2012 garden club members list with addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses in her documents and a group e-mail list in her e-mail address book.

All in all it was relatively productive.  S.M. got shopping done, watered her sister's plants, and got some of the things she wanted with her phone and computer done.  I shopped a little, saw a nice garden, and saved myself a lot of typing by having that USB drive with me.

On the way home, I stopped at the Home Depot near where S.M. lives and got some pink, red and white caladiums.  I looked at the marigolds, but in the afternoon sun their odor was very strong.  But I'm pleased to have gotten caladiums.  They can go in the big blue-and-white ceramic pot in a shady area of the yard.

When I got home, I put the jasmines, geraniums and begonias that had been on the windowsills on the porch.  I'll leave them on the porch for a couple of days, then work into getting the jasmines and geraniums out in the sun.  The house is rather dark, so they need to gradually be introduced to more light.  I plan to transplant the ones that are in pots that are too small for them, but we'll see how far I get with that.

So I got out of the house and was sociable, did some shopping, and the computer work S.M. wanted me to do was rather more painless than I thought it would be.
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