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Saturday so far

I looked up how to get to the Bookends bookstore in Ridgewood, NJ.  You can take the New Jersey Turnpike for a large part of the trip from where I live.  The Garden State Parkway isn't that terribly far from Ridgewood, either.  Dad looked at the maps, and saw how to get there.  I e-mailed S. last night and told him to tell M. about it.  Also, I asked S. to talk to those members of the university GLBT organization who are Glee fans, and see who'd want to take a road trip.  I doubt S. will do it, but I have other ways to get in touch with them.  I think I'll e-mail M., the student who was the work-study student there last semester.  I am decent at planning road trips.

A couple of hours later: I saw that a quote from Uly had made it to Tumblr.  It didn't have his name with it, just a link to AE.  I immediately knew who had said it, though.  I hadn't seen it on AE before seeing it on Tumblr.  Apparently I know Uly's writing style that well.  He just says things like that.

Uly's been quoted by Deconstructing Glee.  There are bloggers and people who post on Tumblr who read AE.  I had this LJ before I became an AE member, but, as I've been saying, I believe there are just a couple of people who read this.  I'll tell Uly that I wasn't the one who quoted him on Tumblr, because I don't know how Tumblr works, which is true.

Well, I'm sure Uly and I will discuss it in detail.

A flower on 'General Jacqueminot' is open.  I got a couple of good pictures of it.  'Maiden's Blush' and Rosa Mundi are still blooming.

I finished up the eggplant dish that I had gotten yesterday from the Indian grocery.  I'd had some of the basmati rice for breakfast.

Later: I read the new book by L.A. Witt, Where Nerves End.  I enjoyed it.  All along I was thinking that I trust L.A. to tell a good story.  The narrator, Jason, is in chronic pain.  His friend Seth persuades him to go to an acupuncturist.  In time, Jason asks the acupuncturist, Michael, to be his roommate.  Michael claims to be straight.  It wasn't a "Gay for You" book.  I liked how things developed.
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