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Friday so far

I didn't stay up too terribly late Thursday night.  I was reading online, but when I felt a little tired, I decided to try going to sleep, and it worked.

Today has turned into a cleaning day for me.  I changed the linens, did some laundry and vacuumed.

I am thinking of going to the AT&T store because sometimes my cell phone screen hasn't been lighting up.  I don't think I charge it too much.  I just charge it for a few hours at a time, and only once or twice have charged it overnight.

I went out to the roses.  The blossoms of "Odee Pink" and 'Marchioness of Londonderry' are going by.  "Odee Pink" has several more buds, though.  'Maiden's Blush' is still blooming.  I've gotten lots of pictures of Rosa Mundi.

Several of the people whose Tumblrs I've been reading have stopped following people and stopped people from following them, if I understand it right.  I am presuming that "following" is what it sounds like, except involving computers and signing up somehow?  I haven't had bad direct experiences with other fans of the things I'm a fan of, only what I've heard secondhand.  As for one "fannish" focus of mine, the Master Gardeners I've met have mostly been pretty mellow, and the rosarians I've met have been pleased enough to have fans wanting to have their books signed.

Weeds is changing her focus and says that she's going to have a lot of math jokes on her Tumblr.  Math jokes are enough to dissuade me.  Hopefully she'll still keep her other blogs to give her viewpoint on things that I can understand.  Not that I really understood the post or two written in echolalia, but presumably the people that would be very important to did understand, and that's what counts.

Later: I went to the AT&T store.  I said, "I know this is going to be like when you go to the mechanic and the car doesn't make the grinding or squeaking noise when they look at it."  It was.  The screen lit up when I turned the phone on, and stayed lit when I went to choose the options.  I explained that the screen had been suddenly going black and not coming back up lit when I touched it.  The associate I talked to gave me a number to call for trouble-shooting.  I'll call on the land line and have Dad on another line so he can understand what they're talking about.  I should ask A., though it's not a particular type of phone he's worked with.  He might know why the screen of a phone goes black, though.  At least the phone is still under warranty.

After that little trip, I went to the Indian grocery.  I got a dish involving eggplant that had both words of the name of it starting with a "b."  I also got chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, mango juice and gulab jamun.  I made basmati rice when I got home.  The chicken tikka masala wasn't too spicy today.  It was good with the rice.  The eggplant dish turned out to be spicy.  They had chicken curry and Punjabi curry there at the grocery, too, but I figured the Punjabi curry would be spicy.  At least I'm willing to try new things sometimes.

Friday night: I read a few of the stories in Kim Dare's G-A-Y series. They're fairly entertaining, just little BDSM stories. I went shopping at Total e-Bound to get them. I got Alex Beecroft's latest from Samhain. I didn't get it when it was a new release, and on sale, but I wasn't doing much book shopping for a while. I shopped at AQP and got L.A. Witt's latest book. I finally ordered a copy of The Irregulars, and got a note from Nicole saying they were sending it out to me.
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