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books and TV collide

I've been seeing much about Chris Colfer's appearance at the Book Expo of America.  He talked about his fairytale book, and was teased about being a sex object.  More specifically, teased about all the fan fiction written about him.  I had just been talking to Larkin about how I avoid Real Person Fiction.  He had a good comeback, but my guess is that he would have preferred that the topic of slash fiction not be brought up.

I'm thinking of doing a roadtrip to northern New Jersey when he has a book signing there.  I have family in north-central New Jersey.  Uly thinks it will be totally out of control.  I've been to plenty of book signings.  If I make it to that one, it could be the first where they have to have a "don't grab the author" rule.

I'm not qualified to really judge dancing, acting or singing.  I have been trained these past few years to critique books.  I read the first few pages of the book on Amazon UK, and it looks like I'll snap into an editing mindset when I read it, like I do with many books now.  I don't want to judge the work of a twenty-two-year-old.  I want to just enjoy it without analyzing it, but that doesn't seem like it will be possible.  Well, that will only affect me and the few buddies I'd talk to about it.
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