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Wednesday so far

I was up until about three a.m., but then I managed to get to sleep and got a good eight hours in.  I woke up a little here and there, but it wasn't bad.

It was warm out, and I went out to see and work on the roses a few times.  I did some weeding and dead-heading.  Dead-heading is cutting the stalk of flowers that have gone by off the rose bush.  I did that to 'Konigin von Danemark', 'Fantin-Latour', 'Salet', 'Mme. Hardy', "Maggie" and 'Mme. Isaac Pereire'.  Some roses have dead flowers remain as a brown lump, and some roses have the spent petals of a flower fall off cleanly.  Most of the Old Garden Roses I grow have the petals fall off cleanly.  I dead-headed 'Kazanlik' and pruned it some, too.  I don't know how good a pruning job I did, but 'Kazanlik' is a tough plant.

"Odee Pink" and 'Marchioness of Londonderry' are blooming.  I took several pictures of them.  "Odee Pink" is a found rose, probably a Noisette.  It has a good scent.  I think from the flower form so far that it must be a Tea-Noisette.

The tradescantia 'Miss Kate' is blooming.  It has lime green leaves and purple flowers.  I'm not a huge fan of the lime green leaves, but it made it easy to distinguish when it was coming up.  The lime green leaves were edged in red when they were new, so it was a particularly lurid effect.

It was good to get outside.  I got hot with the leather gauntlets on, but they were very useful.

Later: I finished up editing a novelette.  Tomorrow is garden club, and possibly dinner with S.  Then I'll work on the novel I'm editing on Friday and Saturday.  I'll see when Tiger Cub gets his m/m romance novella back to me.  I still see it as somewhat satirical, but it can be on the satirical side and still be satisfying as a romance.

Later still: I read part of Afro-Caribbean Religions.
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