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Called Giovanni's Room yesterday to see if they had a copy of Inland Empire.  "Two copies," they said, and they're saving one for me,  I also asked about The Englor Affair, which was just released in print on September 1st.  "Oh, that will be a snap to order," I was assured.  I think Samhain is one of the easier e-publishers for bookstore owners to deal with.  As far as Samhain's readers -- well, we know it's a wait of about a year for the print version of the book, but that there will be a print book.

In my stop at the secondhard bookstore today, I spent much of my hour there filling in and straightening out the romance shelves.  I saw another Suzanne Brockmann novel, All Through the Night, in the hardcovers, and put it out with romance.  It was only several hours later that it occured to me that the book with Jules' and Robin's wedding was almost purely m/m romance, with a m/f subplot that doesn't develop very far.  I had just automatically shelved it in the romance section, but it seems to call for a little celebration, that the secondhard bookstore got its first m/m romance.

So m/m romance is really getting mainstreamed in gay bookstores, and even a little bit in more traditional stores.  Very cool.
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