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I'm getting to feel self-conscious in writing about Glee.  As far as I know, only possibly Kris is reading what I'm writing, so there's no need to be self-conscious.  It's just that I've connected this LJ name to my AE persona, and told a couple of other Glee fans who aren't AE members about things I've written.  I'm more self-conscious than when Jules caught me fangirling about Spindrift, because that was actually kind of cool once I got over the small shock.  It wasn't the first time something like that had happened, like when James saw me say that he wrote great male viewpoint.

On AE, some fans are talking about boycotting the show, the DVDs and the iTunes if there aren't more Klaine displays of affection in the fourth season.  I think odds are that Kurt will be in New York while Blaine is in Lima, so chances of physical displays of affection would be limited anyway.  I believe there's some censorship from the network regarding a gay couple showing affection to each other, as it's become increasingly clear that the writers and actors are trying their best and some of the scenes they wrote and acted, respectively, were cut.

I'm having a hard time seeing how boycotting a show that has that much queer visibility will be helpful.  I don't know if contacting people at the network would help, but perhaps it would.  There was a great push in certain circles for Brittana's relationship to be shown on-screen instead of being off-screen, but as far as I know the numbers of fans who wanted that are not comparatively that large.  But who knows -- some viewers may be discovering their "fluid teen sexuality" (Brittany quote), and I'm sure there are some lesbian girls who can identify with Santana.

Kurt was the dark horse character of Glee.  I don't think anyone expected him to get that popular with the fans.  From what I understand, the powers-that-be on the show didn't expect Blaine to become as popular as he did, either.  For season three, Klaine was poised to become a couple just about as important as Finchel.  It didn't happen that way in the amount of time they got, but they were still an important couple.  And a great number of fans saw no reason why Klaine shouldn't be the main couple.  That's groundbreaking.

It's like Verbotene Liebe in a way, too, when Christian and Olli getting together was supposed to be the B or C plot, and Chrolli got to be a wildly popular and much beloved couple in the amount of time they had.  Thore and Jo had great acting chemistry, which was part of it, I'm sure.  It doesn't hurt that they're that good-looking, either.  Christian and Olli weren't the first same-sex couple on Verbotene Liebe by any means, but they became probably the most well-known, especially by fans outside of Germany.

With Glee, I was okay with Kurt and Blaine not kissing in public, because they had in-character reasons.  I said that they could have more scenes where they had private displays of affection.  I don't think Kurt would have been down with it, but I've made out at a gay bar with a woman I was dating.  There could have been more opportunities for Klaine.  More classy ones than that, but still.

Once Christian and Olli started kissing, they kissed a lot.  The Carla and Stella storyline was going on for part of the same time that the Chrolli storyline was, and there had already been a Carla and Hannah storyline.  Plus, Stella had a crush on Charlie (Charlotte) for a number of episodes while Christian and Olli were together.  Still, I'd never heard of American network shows that have as much GLBT visibility as Glee has.

I wonder if some Glee fans will get into Verbotene Liebe at some point, once they hear about it.  I was used to scenes from Verbotene Liebe and Alles was zaehlt by the time I saw Glee, so I thought Kurt and Blaine had a sweet romance.  It's more like a romance novel than a soap opera.  That's not meant as an insult.  I've read hundreds of romance novels.

At this point, I plan to keep watching Glee, and get the DVDs.  There's still plenty I enjoy about the show.
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