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more of Thursday

I made jasmine rice for dinner.  Either Mom or Dad asked what it went with, and I said, "Thai food."

"Why didn't you bring home Thai food?" one of them asked.  I know of a couple of Thai restaurants within a forty-five minute radius, but I don't know if you can get take-out from them.

"You wouldn't like it," I said.  At some point I took an adult night school cooking class and learned how to make several Thai dishes, including Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup, but I lost the recipes.  Also, I didn't have kaffir lime leaves or galangal around.  You can get lemon grass at the local supermarket.

Dad and I watched the movie One for the Money, based on the Janet Evanovich book.  I re-read the book afterwards to see how close it was.  A lot was the same.  I've read up through seventeen in the series.
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