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A. and I are chatting about Bayard Rustin.  A. was aware that Rustin was a Civil Rights activist and a gay rights activist.  I had read a couple of biographies about him and a book of his essays, Time on Two Crosses.  This comes from the question of what MLK would have thought of the gay rights movement.  I said that he was aware that Rustin was gay, and worked with him for some years knowing that.

The Devon Horse Show is this week, and it's a drivable distance from where I live.  Maybe Dad and I will go sometime during the week.

Letters from Titan is talking about subspace.  I know about it from reading and hearing stories.  If I had a Tumblr account, I'd recommend James or Jules or Syd McGinley's books.  Perhaps I will contact RM (Racheline) in another way and recommend them.

Later: I recommended Cheating Chance, Buildup: Mindscan and the Dr. Fell stories.  RM is now answering questions about genderqueerness and kink.  I'd love to see RM and James have a meeting of minds.
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