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more of Thursday

I finished reading Desmond.  I'll be editing the sequel to it.  Around that reading, I was reading the usual online blogs I read, and AE.  I have gotten into reading the Tumblr postings of several people.  With some, you get a lot in short amounts of time, far more often than they do LJ entries or blog entries.

AE had a picture of DC with a shaved head.  I'd hoped he'd grow his hair out for the summer, but apparently he did the exact opposite.  Comments suggest that that might have been from when he played Puck.  I hope those commenters are right.

Another item in the Meme had to do with Bayard Rustin.  I'd read a couple of biographies of him, and his book of essays, which I believe is called Time on Two Crosses.  A. was wondering if there was historical revisionism involved in saying that various civil rights leaders wanted him out of their organizations.  I said that I believed that some of the controversy around him was that he'd been caught parking with a couple of boys in their late teens, in California, in the 1950s, where consensual same-sex sex was illegal, as it was in all the states at that time.  He'd gone to prison a number of times for civil rights actions, but that particular arrest caused a lot of controversy among the leadership of civil rights organizations, and was the reason he was forced out of some.  Rustin was also a member of the Communist Party before World War II.  Pre-war, the American Communists seemed one of very few groups that would help African-Americans accused of crimes.  Bayard Rustin is getting much more credit now for his civil rights work.

Mom had her glass of sherry about an hour ago, and I went down to keep her company and have a glass of Chenin Blanc.  The bottle of Chenin Blanc is nearly empty.  I asked Mom if she wanted me to go to the liquor store and get her more sherry.  She has some left, but said sure.  It keeps.  If I wake up early, I'll go before S.M. gets here.  More likely, I'll go later in the afternoon.  There are a number of state stores in the area.

I'd make a tag for "drinking," but since it can be a couple of weeks between times that I have a glass of wine or of Kahlua and cream, it doesn't seem worth it.
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