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Wednesday so far - and recaps of Goodbye

I went out to the roses a couple of times.  'Leda' has several flowers open, and 'Teasing Georgia' has a flower open.  It rained a couple of times, including a thunderstorm around 6:30 p.m.  I turned off the computer for a little while when the thunder and lightning were coming nearly at the same time.

I read Glee recaps and commentary.  Most of the writers seemed stunned that Kurt didn't get into NYADA.  Christie of AE said "Goodbye" was badly written.  I didn't think it was bad.  I would have liked some reaction from Kurt after he said he didn't get into NYADA.  I expected there would be some right up until about 9:58 p.m.  I was happy that Kurt and Blaine talked.

Weeds said a couple of days ago on "Tumblrweed" that the fans wanting Kurt and Blaine to kiss were doing "queer fetishization."  I hadn't heard that one in a while, though you hear it a lot if you say you read m/m romances.  The first place I read Glee recaps is on AfterElton, and Christie and most of the commenters, including the guys, wanted more Klaine kisses for much of the season.  I know it's something that teenaged girls want, but it's also something that the gay guys want to see.  I don't think it's "fetishization" from the guys.

I really liked the Kurt and Burt scene, too.  Burt said that when Kurt was seven or eight, Kurt became like an alien to him.  They started walking back towards each other, Burt said, around the time of "Single Ladies" -- and Burt performed it, with flashbacks to Kurt performing it.  That was the week that Kurt came out to Burt.  In Kurt's voiceover, he talked about coming out, too.

It will be interesting next year, when Blaine becomes the "Gay Kid" at McKinley.  This year he was the "Other Gay."  I think there will be something of a shift in emphasis that way for Blaine without Kurt there at McKinley.  I'm sure there will be more talk from Letters from Titan and others about what price characters have to pay to get out of Lima.  I think there will be some on the show about the price Blaine pays.  Probably it will have to do with his parents.  Blaine doesn't think his father accepts him, and I see no reason why Blaine's perceptions would be wrong on that.

I'm curious to see how things go.

I said to G. of AE that although Kurt wants to do performing arts, he has mechanic's skills and is a good cook.  I'll have to add that he sews some of his own clothes, too.  In my head-canon, he'll work at the tire shop over the summer, but still be planning ways to get out of Lima.  Several people have suggested that he could go into fashion.  So Kurt has ways he could support himself: as a mechanic, tailor or cook.  Not that those are ways he was planning to go, but he wouldn't need to work as a waiter.
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