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AE had an article advising Glee fans to get a life.  I commented and got a comment back from the author.  Weeds (Julia) noticed the article.  I agreed with the first four points, but didn't agree with the "get a life" message.  I said that when the show interfered with my activities of daily living, then I'd worry that I was taking it too seriously, but as it was it's just filling up some hours of my free time.

Shanna of Don't Turn It Off wrote a post about how her obsession with Glee was fading.  She said that for her, obsessions had at least aspects that weren't fun.

My obsessions bring me pleasure and seem in some cases to be instructive to others.  The e-reader obsession might get stronger again, but it was very informative to at least two people who were thinking of buying new e-readers.  I'm not sure if the obsession with roses and fragrant herbs is actually instructive, but it brings me joy.  As I said in my "what this is" post, this was originally a gardening journal, and meant for me to refer to.  I read an excessive number of romances, but that doesn't hurt anybody, and that has also turned out to be informative in some cases.

The obsessions with Alles was zaehlt and Verbotene Liebe were fun for me, and I got to meet other fans and some of the actors.  I have been told about Glee that I "needed to get out more."  This cracked up my AE buddies.  Now that it's warmer, I'm getting out to see my roses.  It's not my fault that S. didn't use me as a volunteer this year.  I really should get back to volunteering at the secondhand bookstore.  Maybe I'll go Thursday.  I should call S. about getting together for dinner Wednesday night.

More thoughts later...(maybe)
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