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Saturday real life and TV -- Glee marathon on Oxygen

I'm alternating between going out to smell the roses and watching a Glee marathon on the Oxygen channel.  'Mme. Plantier' is starting to bloom.  The mystery pink rose has a few flowers open.

Later: The marathon had a few episodes from season two, starting with "Britney/Brittany."  I was surprised that it went on to season three, but then figured out that it was focused on the Glee Project winners, so the third season episodes had plots that featured their characters.

I had thought it would be a marathon of episodes from the first season of the Glee Project, which I hadn't watched, but heard things about later.  I thought Rory was a random new character, but then learned that the actor/singer was one of the winners of the Glee Project.  I also heard later that Harmony, Joe Hart and Wade "Unique" Adams were also characters made for the other Glee Project winners and runners-up.  They're certainly all good singers.

Instead, it was a marathon of the original show.  In order, the episodes were "Britney/Brittany," "Grilled Cheesus," and "The Substitute" from season two, and "The Purple Piano Project," "Mash-Off," "Hold Onto Sixteen," "Michael," "Heart," "On My Way," "Saturday Night Glee-ver," "Dance With Somebody" and "Prom-a-Saurus" from the third season.

I have the DVDs from the first and second seasons, and managed to tape most of the episodes of the third season.  The only episode so far of the third season that I didn't see when it aired was "On My Way," because we had just gotten to Florida and were seeing my grandfather and step-grandmother for the first time in years that evening.  That didn't tape, either.  I mess it up when I try to tape without having the TV on, because I apparently turn off the set top box too.  I didn't manage to tape "Asian F" at the time it aired, and I messed something up with "Pot o' Gold" and only got about the second half of that.  I later got those three episodes on iTunes.

I didn't tape "Britney/Brittany," but I taped the other ones that were on today.  The way I programmed the VCR, which is a couple of minutes slow, I missed a minute of "On My Way," but at least I have most of it on tape now, and right after "Heart" on the tape.  Those two episodes dovetail so closely.

The episodes include the Sectionals and Regionals episodes of the third season.  The Nationals episode doesn't fare terrifically well in comparison.  The Troubletones were awesome and there was Warblers plot going on leading up to Regionals, and a lot of interesting plot specifically in "On My Way."  Also, Rachel didn't seem like much of a loss to me in the Sectionals episode.  It meant that other characters got a chance to sing, and they were good.

The episodes in the marathon also had fair amounts of other-than-Finchel plot.  I realize that Rachel is supposed to be annoying, Finn isn't as cool as the other characters think he is, and that Finchel is supposed to be dysfunctional.  Rachel being annoying and Finchel being that dysfunctional is all getting to me at this point.  It was nice to be reminded that several of the episodes featured Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Sam, Mercedes, Quinn and other characters.

I'm glad I got outside some, because it was a really nice day.  I got lots of pictures of the roses, and cut three blossoms of 'Mme. Zoetmans'.  I got pictures of the White Rose of York, the Jacobite rose, 'Ispahan' and the others that are currently blooming.  I looked at the Logee's catalog during some of the commercials.  I especially looked at the sale offers for collections of jasmines and scented geraniums, and the sale on lemon grass.  Hopefully it will be decent weather tomorrow, so I can spend more time outside.
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