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welcome back party

School year is starting for the students of [local university].  I'm going to the "Welcome Back" event for the GLBT group I've been volunteering with.  I missed seeing the kids over the summer, and it will be fun to catch up with them.

It was great seeing the students.  Talked for a while with H., and we figured that I'd meet up with her on Wednesday afternoons to work on the history/archives project.  I want to get some of the old yearbook photos and stories up on the website.  There have been some people very important in the history of gay rights who came to the university to speak and do programs.  I want to have that information up there, too.

I'd taken some books to loan out to the students.  Pretty much they were ones I had in e-book form, or had other copies of in print.  S., the new webmaster, ended up borrowing Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary.  We'll see how he does with that.  He says he usually reads books with his mother.  I thought, "Oh, boy."  I told him the book had a lot of sex scenes, but that didn't scare him off.  He's the one I saw at the Philadelphia Gay Pride parade, getting his first rainbow symbol, on a pendant.  Now he has a rainbow pin in Mickey Mouse-head shape, from Disney World.  He seems like such a sweet, innocent boy.  I feel like I'm corrupting a minor, except I'm sure he's over eighteen.

I brought in Fatal Shadows, and Partners in Crime 2 and 3.  I have "Snowball in Hell" in e-book form, and now I have that and "I Spy Something Bloody" in print in the Collected Novellas, so I was okay with lending them out.  I got the e-book of Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing together when Loose Id did the "Teddypig Top Ten" sale.  I also brought Hard Fall, since I have that in e-book.  So I'm not exactly easing the kids into things, but at least I'm loaning them books with good male viewpoints. 
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