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more of Wednesday and TV: Props and Nationals

I made it to an appointment.  I gave K.S. the roses I'd cut, 'Duchesse de Brabant', 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' and 'Mme. Zoetmans'.

I went to the Indian grocery and got chicken tikka masala, aloo gobi, garlic naan, gulab jamun, and mango juice.  They didn't have goat curry today, which they usually have and I often think about trying.  After all, I eat lamb and beef.  I cooked basmati rice when I got home and had that and the naan with the aloo gobi and the tikka masala.

I watched last night's episodes of Glee again.  As usual, I appreciated more when I could rewind and watch parts again, and catch more of it.  There had been so much of Rachel being annoying that I was underwhelmed by her solos in the Nationals competition.  I've also heard so much about other characters singing better than Finn, and seen all of his many performances, that I wanted more of the other male characters singing.

The body swap bits were awesome.  In Tina's mind, Kurt and Blaine have more public displays of affection.  It was cute to see Puck-as-Blaine and Finn-as-Kurt cuddling.  Kurt-as-Finn was great.

I'd seen commentary about the promos, about how Kurt was very comfortable grinding metal parts.  He's been established as working on cars with his dad at the tire shop for years.  Blaine asked, "Is this even legal?"  He knows about cars, too, but thinks his father worked on a car with him to try to straighten him out.  Kurt did look happy doing metal work.

The same characters who say racist things said transmisogynistic things, too.  Sue was particularly set on trying to get Kurt to wear drag.  She was calling him "Porcelina" instead of "Porcelain" for a while there.  All the students and Burt know that "Porcelain" is Sue's nickname for Kurt.  Kurt refused to wear drag for the Nationals performance.  Puck was willing, and then got into a fight with the hockey bullies about it.  Puck has gotten to the point where he'll do anything for glee club.

I really enjoyed Unique's performances.  I have the original version of "Pinball Wizard" on CD, so I knew what it sounded like.  Unique's reinterpretation was very good, I thought.  The dancers for Vocal Adrenaline are professional dancers, so it always looks impressive, too.  I was happy that Unique got MVP.

Jesse St. James acted decent a good part of the time in the Nationals episode.  That was a change.  He's usually the villain.  He makes a good love-to-hate-him villain.  Vocal Adrenaline's directors have always been entertaining.  I particularly liked Dustin Goolsby.

In a way it's come full circle for Kurt.  He threw the diva-off for "Defying Gravity" because he didn't want his dad to get hate calls about him.  He didn't want to wear drag for a show choir performance because it just wasn't him.  It didn't have to do with fear for anybody.  He knows that Burt accepts him.

I'll probably do a Glee marathon sometime over the summer.  I've had access to so many reviews and so much commentary now, I'll know what to watch for with any number of scenes.  I've done marathons of the first two seasons.
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