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Sunday into Monday

Sunday: I talked to A. for an hour or so in the evening.  He told me stories of his clubbing adventures.  His straight friends are relatively regularly taking him out to a gay club, which I find fascinating.  It sounded like he'd had a lot of fun.

I was extremely tired and fell asleep around ten p.m.

Monday: I woke at four a.m. and didn't go back to sleep.  I am reading my way through some of calanthe_b's Glee reviews.  I'd read a number of them before, but to me they're worth reading again.  I've read through the second season and up to the episodes aired in the third season so far.

I went outside for a bit.  It was raining lightly at the time I went out.  I took pictures of the roses.  The sweet briar (eglantine) is starting to bloom.  I put a picture of that up on AE along with the pictures of 'Duchesse de Brabant' and 'Mme. Zoetmans'.

I tried going out again around three p.m., but it was raining a little more heavily, so I gave up and went back in to read.  Calanthe loathes Finn, Rachel, and Karofsky.  She(?) articulates her reasons well.  Several of my AE buddies are huge Karofsky fans, and I find it refreshing to read someone who doesn't like him.  My opinion is that it's possible to be closeted and not be a bully.  I seem to go along with forgiving the characters Kurt has forgiven, though Calanthe points out that Kurt forgives people very easily.  I still wouldn't want to see someone who was bullied in a relationship with someone who bullied him, as some of my buddies do.  I don't get that.

(*spoilers*)  There's a clip of the Glee Nationals episode in which Sue wants Kurt to wear drag.  It doesn't go over well with Kurt.  I doubt he'll actually do it.  He's mostly been wearing "boy clothes" lately.  Kurt is the one who said, "Fashion has no gender," but when he wore items of women's clothing, he mixed them with men's clothes in his layers.  He wears pants with those knee-length sweaters.  Apparently he wore drag for Hallowe'en, but it's never been an everyday thing.
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