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Sunday -- early for me

I thought I'd posted on the "Quite Contrary" LJ, but it turned out I'd posted on the "And That's Terrible" LJ.  (I was really tired at the time I posted.)  It's probably a good thing.  C. didn't come across as sympathetic to Quinn as Calanthe did.  A few of the bloggers I read are coming across to me as saying, "It was great how Quinn worked to get the pity vote."  I cannot approve of that kind of lying and manipulation.  Lying about a disability strikes me as so very wrong.  That way people who are truly disabled don't get the benefit of the doubt as to whether something is difficult for them.

On a much better note, "You Gotta Let It Out" did a post on "Defying Gravity."  It was well worth reading.  Some of her posts have razor-sharp insight, and I didn't feel that the "Defying Gravity" post told me that much I didn't already know.  I highly appreciate seeing something in a new way, which I've felt like I have many times with this Tumblr.  The "Bust Your Windows" post was great for perspective on Mercedes, for example.  Several bloggers have observed that she didn't get over her crush on Kurt as soon as he came out to her, and I agree that that's plausible.

A post I read on another site said that when Kurt threw that note in "Defying Gravity," he was "choking on irony."  I wish I could remember who said that, but that was beautifully phrased.  "You Gotta Let It Out" says that with the verses each singer sings, Kurt ends up as Glinda, and Rachel as Elphaba.  This carries through later on.

Within glee club, at least, Kurt keeps being relatively more popular than Rachel.  He's friends with Brittany, Tina and Mercedes, friendly enough with Artie, and friends with Mike.  Puck eventually becomes friends with Kurt, and Sam becomes Kurt's friend pretty quickly.  The only people that Rachel's anything like friendly with are her love interests, and that's just when they're interested.  This lasts more or less for over a year.  Rachel eventually makes friends, but Kurt has had desperately needed support from early on in the glee club.  Not from Will, but from some of the other students. 
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