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Saturday -- family

The parental units and I traveled down to Baltimore to celebrate J.'s birthday and Mother's Day.  We had lunch at a steakhouse.  J. and K. and Mom went off to look at furniture.  K. wants a couch for their new house.

Later: Mom and J. and K. came back having found a couch J. and K. wanted after looking in three stores.  Meanwhile, I caught up on my usual online reading.

When I opened the car door for our trip back, Morris jumped in.  Morris is J.'s puggle (pug/beagle cross).  J. called him back out.  Apparently Morris enjoys car rides.  We left at around 5:30 p.m. and got back home around 7:30 p.m.

I texted back and forth with S. for a bit.  The school year is over for him, and he moved back home with his mom and sister.

Calanthe-b did did a Glee prom episode reaction on her LJ, "Quite Contrary."  I'd been waiting for that.  She despises Finn.  I don't think he actually does much good for anybody, but I don't hate him.  She's no fan of Rachel's, either.  I thought Quinn was awful for going for the sympathy vote the way she did, talking about her atrophied legs, and lying about being able to walk.  It came across to me that Calanthe thought that Quinn was taking control of her life.

I've been to physical therapy.  The muscles in my lower leg were atrophied after six weeks in a cast.  I didn't use it for pity, though.  I just wanted to get back function.  Quinn wanted votes any way she could get them.  When I had both walker and wheelchair, I used the wheelchair sometimes because it was much easier for me.  It wasn't a secret that I was also using a walker part of the time.  Once I was recovered enough to be using a cane, I just used that.

Returning to the show, I thought Becky was being obnoxious for large sections of her on-screen appearances.  I felt that she was intended to be, though.  Rachel definitely condescended to Becky a couple of times.  Kurt shut down Becky's first attempts to play strip poker by reminding Becky that he and Blaine were gay.  She replied, "That's never stopped me."  Kurt may wear tight clothes, but he's very private about showing his body.  Blaine would probably rather have stripped than showed his hair in its natural state.

When Rachel, Finn, Blaine and Kurt left the anti-prom for the actual prom, Puck took Becky up on her strip poker suggestion.  He actually listened to her, and treated her well.  There's a good bit on some of the blogs and Tumblr sites I read about Puck and Becky Faye Jackson being the shadow faerie court.  This is following after the theories about Dalton being the Seelie Court while Blaine was there.

There's a lot, too, about Blaine seeing himself, and having others see him, as Medusa.  I'm not sure where the show is going with that.  Kurt said that Blaine was brave to show his real self.  Blaine was his "brave, handsome, bushy-haired boyfriend," Kurt said.  I thought that the afro look was cute.  I had expected curly, fluffy hair.  Well, fans had been complaining about all the gel and wanting to see Blaine's hair natural, and they got it.

There was a lot about appearances and reality, and who respected what others were saying.  Joe respected Quinn, and Puck respected Becky.  Kurt soon enough respected that Blaine was serious.  Actually, Kurt and Blaine respected each other.  Those particular blogs talk about characters showing each other that they matter, like in Burt's talk to Kurt.  Puck did it with Becky, and Kurt did it with Blaine.
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