neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday -- missed the sale

I didn't go to bed terribly late last night.  It was maybe one-thirty or two -- but could not get going this morning.  I totally missed the herb sale.  It's one of the few I've missed in years, aside from a year I was sick.  It probably saved me a hundred dollars or so, but I wish I'd made it.

I got to the grocery store, and got tomatoes and mozzerella, and sushi.  I had the vegetarian sushi with brown rice when I got home.  I expected it to taste nutritious, but it was really pretty good.

Not a whole lot else new.  I found a caterpillar on a bud of 'Teasing Georgia', and holes in other buds, and sprayed the roses in the back yard with a three-in-one that had fungicide and insecticide in it.  'Mme. Ernst Calvat' had blackspot on a couple of leaves, and the Red Rose of Lancaster had mildew on its leaves, so maybe the fungicide will help there.
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