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I was supposed to go for a physical, but my car wouldn't start.  I called Triple A, and someone came within a half an hour.  He diagnosed the problem as the car needing a new battery, and put one in while he was there.  He said that my battery was from 2004, so it had given me several years of service.  The bill will cramp my style for the herb sale, but I should still have enough left to get a flat or two of herbs.  The doctor's office was able to reschedule me for later in the afternoon for the physical.  Nothing new there.

I had talked to S. about getting together for dinner, but I didn't hear from him today.  I figure we'll get together at some point.

I read the Glee recaps from the various places I've been reading them.  There are a couple of Letters from Titan posts, and various bits on the "big life, small space" and "funfunfunfun" (Julia of "crown of weeds") Tumblrs.  RM (Racheline Maltese) felt that Klaine really didn't get parity with the straight couples.  Christie, who does the AE recap, felt the same way.  I have said here and there that I think Kurt and Blaine are wary about public displays of affection, but they could have had a not-that-public physical display of affection in the hotel room.  Some hand-holding would have been nice.  They showed their love for each other there and at the prom, though.

I saw a behind-the-scenes promo for the next episode, in which Tina gets a head injury and the members of New Directions body swap in her perceptions.  It should be interesting.  There's a bit where Chris Colfer says, "I'm Finn Hudson," and Cory Monteith says, "I'm Kurt Hummel."  Cory does a pretty good imitation of Kurt's voice.  It's not that high-pitched, but he gets the whispery quality down, and the other distinctive qualities of the vocals.  Chris lightly smacks Cory.  It's how Kurt sounds, though.
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