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You Gotta Let It Out ( has gotten to "Dancing With Myself" in the "Wheels" episode of Glee.  Artie sings this while he's wheelchair dancing.  I believe this is the episode where Will has all the kids use wheelchairs for a week.  They learn what it's like to some extent.  Rachel tries storming out at one point and runs into the doorframe.

I found using a wheelchair much easier than using a walker when I broke my ankle.  I was given the walker to use, and Dad borrowed a wheelchair from a veterans' group.  If the house didn't have so many stairs to get anywhere at all, it would have been even better.  I realized that it was the inaccessibility of the house that was the problem there.  I used the scooters at Longwood Gardens for quite some time even after I had stopped using the cane.  I would use one if there were others left there, not if it was the only one.  It still took a good few months after my ankle was all relatively healed up until I was good walking distances.

So I can relate to using a wheelchair from my own experiences of being temporarily disabled.  People could see the cast when I was using a wheelchair or scooter, so they assumed it was a temporary disability.  I had been aware of the disability rights movement for years before that, though.  I read about all kinds of things.

I don't really relate to Artie in general, though.  Nor do I particularly relate to Brittany, although she doesn't seem to have a sexual orientation one way or the other, and that's how I feel.  As is likely obvious from what I write, I relate to Kurt.  I don't have much interest in fashion anymore, though I was interested in wearing cute outfits when I was in my late teens and early twenties.  I don't like showtunes.

I relate to not being taken seriously because you have a high-pitched voice.  I relate to feeling alienated from your peers, though most of my reasons for feeling alienated were different.  I hung out with effeminate boys when I was in high school and college, and found common cause with them.  I had this conversation a lot when I was in college: "You're a gay man trapped in a woman's body."

My usual reply was, "I'm bisexual."  But other than actual sexual orientation, there were similiarities, and I understood very well why people said that to me.  I found the observation flattering, considering who was saying it to me.

Well, I'd planned a post about disability, and went off onto the usual rails.
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