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Friday so far

I got a camera case.

I looked around the gardens.  I took pictures of the sweet woodruff, which is blooming.  It has little white flowers.  The orris is blooming.  There's a bud that looks nearly ready to open on the purple German iris.

One of the buds on 'Duchesse de Brabant' has a sepal down.  The White Rose of York is in bud.

There's a promo with a song for the prom episode of Glee that has Brittany telling Blaine that she forbade hair gel at the prom.  It looks like we'll see Blaine with natural hair after all.  I realize that "natural" in this sense means "ethnic," and that's how I'm using it.

Later: I saw the promo in which Brittany banned hair gel from the prom.  From what I've seen so far, I love this plot.  Brittany told Blaine she didn't like the way he looked.  I was laughing out loud.  Until I see the context, I'm taking it as Brittany wanting Blaine to be himself.  I so want to see Blaine with his hair natural.

For those of my readers who live overseas, "ethnic" hair care products generally mean for African-Americans, and having hair "natural" is curly.  There have already been a couple of bits on Glee where Mercedes references her weave.  I have got to ask P. about weaves.  P. keeps her hair straight.

This whole season of Glee has had a lot about race.  I think they're addressing it now with Blaine, and that's awesome.

Later still: It's like with last year's prom, where Brittany told Santana that if Santana was herself, everyone would recognize how awesome she was.  I'm pretty sure it's continuity and parallels.  I keep watching the clip with Brittany banning hair gel, and she said she was inspired by Joe, who has dreadlocks.

*spoiler possibilities* And I saw on Tumblr an unsubstantiated report that Blaine comes back from washing out the hair gel with a "fro," "uncontrolled fluff."  This is going to be hilarious.  I bet the hairstylists on the set had a lot of fun with that.
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