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I read The William McKinley High School Yearbook.  It was pretty child-friendly, considering.  There was a quote from Brittany: "This room looks like the one on that spaceship where I got probed."  I'm not sure how that passed.  There were a few other lines and images in there that were more adult, but mostly it was innocuous.

There were quotes that could have been heard in a hallway, and there were others that were said in private.  Those who watch the show would know where all the lines were from.  There were a couple of pictures from the "Asian F" episode of Kurt giving Blaine roses.  Kurt did that on the stairs outside the school, so that would have been quite possible to see publicly.  It was a sweet scene, but it was clear they wanted to kiss and couldn't kiss in public at school, so Blaine just patted Kurt on the shoulder.

More thoughts later...
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