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Tuesday so far

I slept from 3 a.m. to 11 a.m., which isn't good, but wasn't as bad as sometimes.

I went to the local Barnes & Noble and got The Official William McKinley High School Yearbook.  It was on a rack marked "Just for Kids."  Considering how dark Glee is around consent issues, just as one example, I wouldn't call it "Just for Kids," though I doubt that will show up in the yearbook.

I made the inevitable trip to the grocery store.

It was nice out, and I seriously considered going to Longwood Gardens, but I would have gotten caught in some nasty Route 1 traffic on the way back if I spent a couple of hours there.  Maybe I'll go later this week.  The wisteria and tree peonies are probably in bloom.

At home, the azalea is still blooming, and the honeysuckle that usually blooms in the summer is blooming.  Presumably this is Japanese honeysuckle, which is classified as a "noxious weed" here.  I like it, though.  We never planted it.  It was just here.  The arboretums in the area recommend planting the native honeysuckles.  There are some pretty ones, reds and yellows, but I think most don't have scents.

I looked at my roses.  'Fantin-Latour' has a couple of buds.  'Ispahan' and 'Mme. Plantier' both have a lot of buds.  'Maiden's Blush' and the Jacobite rose (Rosa x alba 'Maxima') have a few buds, so the alba roses are getting to blooming season early, too, though not as early as the tea roses and some of the damask roses.  A bud of 'Mme. Zoetmans' was showing color.  The color is pink in bud, but the flower is white, with perhaps the faintest blush tone to the white.

I weeded around a rose I didn't remember the name of, and found a tag.  It's 'Leda', which I believe is also known as the "Painted Damask".  I don't remember if mine is pink with red edging or white with red edging.  There are two kinds.  A rose I think is the moss rose 'Comtesse de Murinais' is leafed out, and so is 'Mme. Legras de St. Germain'.  The latter two are white.  I got a lot of white Old Garden Roses.  I got some pink ones, and a purple one, but the purple one, 'Cardinal de Richelieu', had a fatal encounter with a lawnmower.  I just have pink and white old European roses now.

'Rosa Mundi' has some leaves.  'Maiden's Blush' and 'Rosa Mundi' are planted too close together, and the very long canes of 'Maiden's Blush' are falling over onto 'Rosa Mundi'.  Parts of 'Rosa Mundi' are reverting back to the Red Rose of Lancaster, too.  'Rosa Mundi' is the striped sport.  I should get more striped roses.  It's a cool effect.  I can tell which are the leaves of 'Maiden's Blush' and which are the leaves of 'Rosa Mundi', because the 'Maiden's Blush' rose has leaves with a blue-green tone -- very pretty -- and 'Rosa Mundi' has matte green leaves.
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