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Monday so far

I have an appointment to go to, but I woke at ten, so I'm ready.  Things worked better on the sleep front last night.  I got sleepy around one-something, and probably went to bed around two.  It didn't take me long to get to sleep after that, I don't think.

I've been telling Dad to feel free to help me plant the Dutch iris bulbs I got, but I looked for them and couldn't find them.  The bag of freesia bulbs was right there near the back door, so I don't know what happened to the bag of iris bulbs.  I looked around.  I'll have to look some more.  It's supposed to be nice out, so I really should spend some time outside.

I made it to the appointment.  S. called, and I talked to him for a bit.  He said he totally forgot the pizza party.  He was already in Philadelphia when I texted him Saturday evening, he said.  Well, it's not like he stopped being my secret love child.

I said hi to P. while I was at the grocery store, and asked her if she wanted a ride to the bus stop.  She said she was good.

I finished up Sean Michael's Full Disclosure.  I wished for some more plot development, as the plot set-up was pretty interesting, and some more character development.  It didn't seem like there was time for those things in that particular novella.

By the time I got home from my afternoon out, it was clouded over and considerably colder than it had been.  I still went over to look at and smell the lily-of-the-valley, and look at the tea roses and some of my other roses.  "Maggie" is a found rose, probably a Bourbon.  That has buds, too.

I've been seeing "GPOY" frequently on Tumblr, so I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary.  According to that, it's "Gratuitous Picture of Yourself."  I'd looked up "crey" a while ago.  Depending on the context, that means "crazy" or "cry."  The context usually seems to make it clear enough, but I don't know why two distinct and short words were altered online so there's a one word with two possible meanings.  "Stan" means obsessive fan.  I'd been wondering what that was.

I also finally looked up "tl; dr."  I've been seeing that everywhere.  It means, "Too Long; Didn't Read."  That's my entire journal.  The journal is for what I'm interested in.  I figure other readers can skim, and maybe find things interesting to them somewhere in an entry.  There's a reason I use the tag "rambling" so frequently.
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