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Sunday so far

So I'm trying to change from falling asleep at eight p.m., and ended up staying up until 2:30 a.m., and trying to get some sleep at that point.  I don't think I actually got to sleep until 5:30, and then slept until two p.m., which was very bad.

On the plus side, once I was up, I got a good amount of editing done and turned it in.  I went out and picked a stalk of the lily-of-the-valley.  I looked at 'Duchesse de Brabant'.  While it has several buds showing color, I don't think it's that close to blooming.  Dad pointed out that 'Blaze' had started to bloom.  I can't remember that being that early.

I'm reading the usual blogs I've been reading, and talking to my AE buddies, mostly about Glee.  There are interesting undertones -- which sometimes surface very plainly -- there regarding gay actors playing gay characters.  It seems to me that there's this hunger for representation.  That's totally understandable, of course.  There's also an appreciation for straight allies playing gay characters, but it's in a different way, and sometimes from different people.  Even among my buddies, it's not a monolith of opinion.

Among AE members in general, there's disdain for teenaged girls in some corners.  There's disdain for women members from a certain number of the guys, but apparently many more men who consider the women allies, and will speak up if someone says something sexist or misogynistic.  The general tone of the site that Michael and Brent set was very anti-sexist, and that seems to have continued with the current editors and writers.  There's backlash from some members about fangirls.  I've learned to be cautious in some ways, but I count on certain male members of the site to be my allies.
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