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It stayed pretty quiet.  I did some editing.  The story was rather like an old-school romance, but set in space, so it was futuristic and old-school.

RM (Racheline Maltese) did a post about how Glee used the phrase "lesbian bed death" and around the ideas of taking initiative sexually on the show.  It's problematized for the girls and for Kurt and Blaine.  Kurt got so much grief for wanting to touch another boy, and even for looking at or talking to them, that it caused him some damage.  Then Karofsky "hate-kissed" him and another day ran a finger down his chest -- all unwanted touch.  Blaine was gay-bashed for wanting to go to a dance with another gay boy.  Blaine has his own damage.

I didn't like seeing conflict between Kurt and Blaine, but I could see why Kurt enjoyed getting all those compliments from Chandler.  I don't think Kurt ever would have physically cheated on Blaine, but I thought he was emotionally cheating a bit.  At least they talked it all out.  Kurt got some counseling help for them from Emma, but Kurt and Blaine actually communicate really well for teenaged boys.

The bit about Kurt wanting Blaine to use bronzer to have some color caught my attention.  This episode Blaine really did have olive-toned skin, unlike some of those episodes in which he looked very pink.  I thought it might just be me thinking that, but Biyuti noticed it, too.  Mike kept looking up at Blaine when Kurt was singing to Blaine, and I didn't think Mike and Blaine's skin tones looked all that different.  In the disco episode, Santana made that strange "Eurasian" comment and then apologized to the Changs.  I don't know what that was except to prove again that characters on the show aren't shy about using the word "Eurasian."  I expect there will be more about this in the fourth season.

I saw quotes from the Whitney episode, and will put them here.

Blaine: "Also, please stop slipping bronzer into my moisturizer."
Kurt: "You look good with a little color."
Blaine: "I only use lotion on my hands!  It looks weird if a person just has tanned hands!"

Seriously, what are they doing around ethnicity and "color" at this point?  It's not clear enough for me.  Kurt wanted Blaine to have color, Blaine actually did have color, and it's hard to tell how much meta is in there.  I'm at the point that I think there's meta every time they say "Eurasian."  I wish there would be a bit more clarity in the show this season, but they're running out of time with everything else going on.

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