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and what passes for real life

I talked to S.M. about going to the meeting of another garden club on Thursday.  I'm to meet her at her house at around 11:30 a.m., and we'll carpool from there.  S.M. talked about going to vote earlier today.  I talked to Mom, who's carpooling with H.M. today.  Mom and I are going to meet up and go vote when she gets home from work.

Mom also wants to use the library at [local university] tomorrow, and wants to get a parking pass, because the parking there is dreadful, as I've noted many times.  I said I'd talk to S. to see who he'd recommend talking to to get a parking pass.  It's going to be a walk from anywhere she could legally park to get to the library.  Of course, she could use a handicapped parking space, which is probably her best bet.  I could go hang out at the GLBT organization office, and perhaps donate more books.  I was going to loan Partners in Crime 2 to the work-study student, M., who reads slash.  Even when I try to talk about real life, I go back to talking about books.  Well, it's a good book.

Later: I got Zero Break, the latest of Neil Plakcy's Mahu mysteries.
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