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Tuesday so far

I went back to sleep around five-something and dozed on and off until nine-something.  I don't exactly feel like I got a restful night's sleep, but I don't feel too bad.

The exciting news so far today is that James has an interview up:  It's from when James was in Philadelphia in August.  I journaled about meeting James and other authors at Giovanni's Room, and James meeting my drunken secret love child and his boyfriend.  (  I wish that S. had been sober for that and had made it back in time for the reading from Spin Out, but I enjoyed it.  I'd already read it in e-book, so I was familiar with that passage.  As I also journaled, I got a bunch of books signed.

I should have told S. and M. not to get too happy at happy hour before they came back to the bookstore.  S. tells me that Laura Baumbach was guarding the wine at the Giovanni's Room event so he and M. couldn't get into it before the readings were done.  Well, I'm sure they came across as a couple of random lit up gay guys.  S. knows that I'm Neyronrose and to feel free to read my journal.  I don't say anything I wouldn't say to his face.  In fact, according to my journal and what I remembered, he and I had a fair amount of conversation that night about him being drunk.

I still want S. to take me to the Bike Stop and introduce me as his mother, but he doesn't think it would be as funny as I think it would be.  I'd have to get him drunk for that one.

Returning to the original topic, it was a good interview.
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