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I'll most likely add to this as the afternoon and evening go on.

I'm just not feeling too good.  I had a fluttering in my stomach, and it's hard to tell if it's the antibiotics or low-level anxiety.  I had a lot of caffeinated tea this morning, and I don't think that's helping either way.  I decided to try to get a few things done anyway.  I started a black load of laundry.  Some people do white loads.  I wear a lot of black clothes, so my laundry generally includes a black load.  I'll do another couple loads of laundry.

Between rainstorms, I put on a heavy coat, a couple of scarves, and the boots I use for gardening and went out to the lilacs.  The main plant of the sweet shrub is right there, too, so I sniffed that.  The smell of the sweet shrub did not help my stomach, so I think it was more the antibiotics than anything else.  Sweet shrub has a sort of fermented strawberries smell.  Well, that's how it came across to me today.  The lilacs, on the other hand, have a soothing scent, so I went back to them.

I had some yogurt and am trying to just chill in between doing the loads of laundry.  I'm hoping to very soon have a couple of things to edit for the week.  If I settle down a bit more, I'll try to get back to Lover Reborn or a book I have about Longwood Gardens.

Slightly later: Noting how much I enjoy funny tags.  Some are on Tumblr, some are presumably Twitter things -- I really don't understand how that works -- and some are on LJ.  I kind of like having workmanlike tags on my LJ, though.  Well, if "soap opera" and "gay-related," among others, are workmanlike.  They work for me.  Like with the journal itself being extremely self-indulgent, the tags are for my reference.  I've written meta posts now and then, but don't actually have a meta tag, so I probably put them under "rambling," which is quite possibly my most-used tag.

Early evening: And on yet another day when I've felt crappy, the "big life, small space" Tumblr has kept me entertained.  RM (Racheline) explained the concept of "lesbian bed death."  I was well aware of the meaning of the phrase, of course.  RM thinks it's "ridiculous."  I'll go with what she says.  Glee is introducing so many people to new-to-them concepts.  I forget that my knowledge base is so out of the mainstream.  Well, it was.

And go me -- I already had a "lesbian" tag.  I think I introduced it in honor of S.H.
Tags: flowers, lesbian, rambling

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