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Monday so far

It's another cold and rainy day.  At this point I don't have plans to go out, but who knows.  I fell asleep around eight last night, woke at two or three a.m., was up for a couple of hours and eventually went back to sleep for a few more hours.  I want to stay up until at least ten or eleven p.m. so I get (hopefully) a more normal sleep schedule going on, and get up at some reasonable hour.

While I was awake in the middle of the night, I read another few pages of Lover Reborn.  Xhex is starting to build a relationship with her mother, which is cool.  Things continue troubled with Xhex and John Matthew, which is a storyline I'm interested in.  I wish I could remember John Matthew's Brotherhood name.  I think it's Tehrror.  Something like that.  I think the best description of the type of book J.R. Ward has written in these last few Black Dagger Brotherhood books is "Urban Paranormal Saga."  I wish I could contact LesleyW directly so I could thank her for coming up with that great description.

I've been following the usual blogs I follow lately, and AE.  There are links on AE to news about another teen suicide that was apparently related to bullying.  This is freaking me out.  I don't think suicide by LGBT teens is anything new.  It's just that in the last few years we've heard that they were bullied for being LGBT.  It seems in a number of these cases that the adults around them could have done more, and that feels to me that it adds to the tragedy.  I keep wondering whether if there was more discussion, more help, more support, would things have been different?  Some of these kids seemed to be making such an effort to reach out, too, to make a connection to people who could empathize.

Kris 'n' Good Books is one of the blogs I follow.  Here's the latest:  I commented there.  I often think that individuals on both (or several) sides of a conflict are making some good points, but the other side is not ready to hear the points, whether it's the way they're presented or the medium or various other reasons.  I get a lot from using the Internet, and one thing I like is getting the different points of view.  I've found people I agree with and people I really don't.  There are some folks I initially didn't necessarily agree with who brought me around to their way of thinking by presenting compelling points in a way I could take in and ponder.  It's different for everybody.  People definitely say things online that they wouldn't say to other people's faces.  I include myself.
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